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Handbuilt creations with white clay, blue glass (copper oxide)
and some intense colored touches, inspired by our beloved sea.
Burned twice in our kiln at 1000 – 1100°C.
Our bowls and hangings came in two sizes: small and medium.
You can find a fish,  a boat,  or a starfish on the blue glass of our creations .
Bowls can also used for ashtrays, candle holders and more.

The “Xeiroplathi” is a family workshop of ceramics and other handcrafts
on the beautiful island of Limnos, in Greece.
Since 2010 we create exclusive crafting by hand, handmade and handbuilt ceramics,
painting and burn them  at1000-1100 ° C in our special kiln.
You can visit us at our place in the central market of Myrina (Kyda 55),
or at our place in the village in Sardes, the stone “small house” next to our house,
where we also create and exhibit our creations.
Being  only empirical in our work we do nothing more than folk art,
trying to  make nothing more than beautiful but also accessible objects  for all people.

Glad to see you up if you are planning visit our island!

Xeiroplathi – Lemnos – Greece

Greek Souvenirs, white clay and light blue glass.