Welcome to the ceramic workshops and to our new space in the center of Thessaloniki. We start with small circles of workshops, getting to know clay, playing with it, and creating our own ceramics.

Each cycle is completed in 2 to 3 meetings, focusing on specific objects and techniques. Our classes are small, and we recommend making a reservation for the days you are interested in.

We provide all the necessary materials and tools, as well as the equipment in our workshop, so you can receive your creations baked and completed. You bring your good mood and creative imagination! No previous experience is needed.

In all our workshops, we create exclusively by hand, using the handbuilding method, without the use of a wheel or molds. We are here to assist and guide you as needed. All our workshops are designed primarily for us to have fun, get to know clay, and express ourselves creatively through it, each in our own unique way.

For Cheiroplathi,
Eleni & Pantelis


Do you want a new creative pursuit for 2024?

What’s better than creating your own ceramics every week!
Register for our regular workshops.

What are we doing?

We create together a series of functional and decorative ceramics.
At the same time, we learn about the basic techniques of pottery.
We create exclusively with our hands, without a wheel or molds :)

How often?

Once a week, we fill our time with creativity and clay.
We choose Saturday mornings (11:00 – 13:30)
or Wednesday afternoons (18:00 – 20:30), and we continue until summer :)

Where does all this take place?

Our meetings take place in the dedicated space we’ve created in our workshop in Thessaloniki, at 4 Stylianou Gonata Street, near Navarinou Square.
Our space is welcoming and playful, safe and comfortable.
Your next favorite spot :)

What else is needed?

We provide you with all the necessary materials, clay, glass, colors, tools, firings, etc. You come with a good mood and fresh ideas :)
Also, no previous experience is needed.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the open workshops is 90 euros per month. It includes all necessary materials and tools, as well as firings. At the end of the month, you receive your completed creations and expand your personal collection :)

How is the meeting organized?

Each meeting will have a defined direction towards creating specific ceramics using specific techniques. For example, cups with pinching, plates with slab, etc.
Small creative deviations will naturally occur and will grow as our meetings progress. Along the way, special requests and personal choices will be accepted after discussion and planning.

Meeting Schedule

  • We welcome each other and prepare our coffee, tea, or anything else
  • We present the day’s goals
  • We review relevant examples and techniques
  • We choose materials and tools
  • We practically recall the basics for the selected technique
  • We get to work and get our hands dirty with clay and colors :)
  • We check and discuss the result
  • We conclude the meeting and plan for the next one


When creativity becomes a collective experience!

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday, engage in a creative activity with your colleagues, or simply want to have a fun day with friends? Look no further. Our clay workshops are the ideal solution for you!

We will agree on the workshop theme together!


Every Saturday afternoon at 18:00


Our meetings take place in a specially designed space at our workshop in Thessaloniki, on Stilianou Gonata 4 street, near Navarinou Square.

What else do you need?

We provide all the necessary materials, clay, glazes, colors, tools, firings, etc. You just bring your good mood!

How much does it cost?

Indicative price: €30/person

Number of people

Minimum number of people: 6 people

Workshop Cheiropláthi
Gonatá 4 (Pl. Navarínou)
Thessaloníki 54621
T: 2315119306 , 6977228533
Viber & Whatsapp: 6977228533
FB & instagram: xeiroplathi

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